Collection: Commercial Enquiries

We offer the customer, heating solutions to the highest standards, to suit all applications and requirements, utilising the latest design technology. Elements are designed in a variety of tube materials (copper, stainless, incoloy, inconel, etc.);
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Industrial Immersion Heater

High Impact cast aluminium heavy duty terminal box in epoxy powder finish Certified weatherproof to IP 65 Two conduit entries (standard 1x25mm) Heavy duty brass heads screwed 2” or 2 ¼” BSP Suitable for working pressures of 36 psi (2.5 bar)

finned element

Finned Element

Elements Finned to reduce surface temperature

Various Wattage and Voltages available

dual steamer

Industrial & Commercial Elements

Specific Industrial and Commercial Elements manufactured to customer requirements.
Bespoke elements manufactured to your requirements.

- Finned Heaters
- Vitreosil Heaters
- Zinc Bath Heaters
- Washboiler Elements

bespoke bend element

Straight Element

Various Straight Heating Elements
Manufactured from Incoloy 800. Alternative materials available depending on requirement. Supplied in an annealed condition that can be formed into various shapes using simple bending tools.