HWA Charter

The Hot Water Association

The Hot Water Association (HWA) is the leading trade body for domestic hot water storage. Heatrod Elements are proud to be chartered members of the HWA, we have committed to adhere to the charter standards, being a responsible manufacturer. As a customer, you can be assured of our manufacturing standards and product reliability.

Chartered HWA members are independently audited before the status of Chartered Member is awarded. Independent governance supports the charter principle of being clear and honest. Not only do members have to comply with the charter’s standards, they also have to show an external accreditor how they do it.

For more information on the Hot Water Association, please visit: www.hotwater.org.uk


The HWA Charter

The HWA Charter puts in place all those elements that are required in order to ensure that hot water products are supplied in a way that they meet the terms set out in the Charter Statement. The Charter receives widespread support from heating appliance manufacturers and the suppliers of related products. It is managed and promoted by the Hot Water Association (HWA).


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The HWA Charter’s Code of Practice requires that all members adhere to the following:

    To supply fit for purpose products clearly and honestly described
    To supply products that meet or exceed appropriate standards and building and water regulations
    To provide pre and post technical support
    To provide clear and concise warranty details to customers