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Cotherm TSE00187 Dual Function Thermostat

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Technical Spec

Length (in) 11"
Cutout temperature 80°C
Maximum temperature 70°C

Product Information

Technical data

- 11" length
- preset temp: 70°C Max Op Trip, 80°C Safety
- double pole
- dual function

Dual Function Rod / Stem Thermostat with adjustable trip and safety cut-out. Functional switching is achieved via single pole stem control and safety cut-off is via a double pole bimetallic safety limiter. The Cotherm TSE00187 thermostat is CE marked and approved to EN 60730.

Most commonly installed in immersion heaters fitted to Telford Tornado, Telford Tempest, R M Cylinders Stelflow, Kingspan (Range) Tribune, Joule Cyclone, Warmflow cylinders / tanks.