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Diamond-H WTS Push-Fit Rod Thermostat

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Technical Spec

Length (in) 11"
Cutout temperature 80°C
Maximum temperature 70°C

Product Information

Technical data

- 11" length
- preset temp: 70°C Max Op Trip, 80°C Safety
- double pole
- dual function

This is a Dual Function Rod / Stem Push Fit Thermostat with adjustable trip and fixed safety cut-out aimed at standard domestic vented and unvented hot water applications.

Operational switching is achieved via single pole stem control and a manually re-settable safety cut-off is via a capillary system.

Employing a capillary system for safety allows the benefit of sensing the water or fluid temperature within the vessel rather than the surface temperature of the tank/cylinder which gives far greater accuracy in switching.

The Diamond-H WTS thermostat is CE marked and ENEC approved to EN 60730 (-1:2000, -2-9: 2002) and EN 60335 (-1: 2002, -2-73: 2002).

Push fit electrical connections are equivalent to many popular push fit thermostat types such as Cotherm TSE, Cotherm TSR, Thermowatt RTS ranges

Key benefits over competitors:

High accuracy control
Highest accuracy safety switching (capillary action safety sensing directly in the tank/cylinder) - particularly important where high temperatures are required in hot water applications such as thermal storage.
Plug in system
20 Amp 250 V AC
Tested to 100,000 operation cycles (higher reliability than common competitors)
Type 2 approved control

Most commonly installed in immersion heaters fitted to cylinders from manufacturers such as Telford, R M Cylinders, Kingspan, Joule, etc.